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Multi-service transport solutions

through the use of our private fleet and 3pl Partners


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Customized Warehouse Management Systems

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Warehousing solutions where you need them!

  • The supply chain is its own entity, with its own mind! Keeping control of your inventory and its strategic placement has never been more important. Where are we now? Where do we need to be tomorrow? These are just a couple of the important factors that companies think about on a daily basis.
  • Strategic planning is where we shine! Working within the goals and mandates of your supply model, our focus is the creation of a successful, profitable and sustainable long-term plan. Customizable and nimble storage solutions have never been more important. As manufacturing and delivery models have changed to include not just bulk production and delivery but also, small package direct to consumer requirements, this has had a direct effect on the storage and warehousing piece.
  • Give us a call! Open the communication with one of our Representatives and allow us to not just advise but also partner with your company to aid in you successfully reaching you goals. Not just for today but also for the future!

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Freight Warehousing Services

Our warehousing and distribution services are regularly audited and analyzed to ensure that it meets the contemporary business models, and any and all upgrades are made to ensure our services continue to help our clients meet their logistic requirements efficiently. Our logistics team has years of experience in this business and can handle long term and large scale assignments with utter professionalism, and our customer service helps the clients to stay in the loop throughout the process, whenever they require any assistance. Consult with our experts today for your logistics, warehousing and distribution services requirements, and allow us to make a positive difference in your business.

Warehousing Services

Moreover, at Cargo County, our supply chain management experts would design a logistic process, especially for you to align with your business in an integrated fashion. Our warehousing services, includes a wide range of services that includes inventory control and management, load building, yard management, static and dynamic replenishment, kitting, order processing, vendor performance, cross-docking, supply chain management, logistics integration, barcoding, quality control, labelling, carrier performance, and so on.

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