Produce Food Transportation Company

Produce Food Transportation Company

The food production sector is a critical sector in any economy. Food is perishable and so getting food delivered in a timely manner and to the right place is crucial. However, having your own shipping system is not always feasible as it takes your focus away from food production, it is expensive, and your shipping trucks will lay idle sometimes.

You need a professional who understands shipping logistics, who has a trained and experienced team, and who can leverage on economies of scale to ship your produce affordably. Whether you are producing fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish, the team at Produce Food Transportation Company has the produce experts, temperature controlled trucks, and drivers to ensure your freight reaches its destination in good time.

Greenhouse-Like Environment Transportation

We offer a greenhouse-like environment on wheels. When shipping live plants and saplings, we understand that the health of your plants is determined by the quality of specialized packaging and delicate handling. The shipping temperature needs to be warm for your live plants to remain viable. We maintain a consistent temperature and do freeze control since ice crystals cause damage. Thanks to our adjustable temperature control systems, our drivers can adjust the temperate based on the outdoor conditions. You can rest assured that your live plant and other products that require special handling and a warm environment will arrive at their destination with every leaf, root, and stem intact.

Dry Goods Transportation

Although not as sensitive as delicate items like fresh produce and pharmaceutical products, we still ensure proper handling and attention to detail when shipping your dry goods. Our goal is to deliver your cargo safely and in good time.

We have an extensive fleet and an experienced team of expert drivers to ensure we stick to the set timelines. We have years of experience in shipping and storing dry goods as well as the assets and partner network to offer cost-effective, flexible, and efficient shipping solutions. We ship both truckload (TL) and less-than-load (LTL) anywhere in North America. This is important as it ensures you do not need different carriers to ship your dry goods, saving you money, and offering convenience.

Fresh Produce, Plants and Other Perishables

Every grocery store requires a fresh produce section. Maintaining a fresh produce supply chain is more complex than you would imagine. Different products have to come from different parts of the country and even from across borders. Fresh produce is perishable and so the right temperature has to be maintained by the growers, the distributor, and the retailer.

At Produce Food Transportation Company, we have the systems to deliver fresh fruits and veggies, meats, fish, plants, and other perishables on their exact time window. We have state-of-the-art food-grade equipment that is well maintained to ensure no breakdown. We understand that the produce is alive and our goal is to ensure the final consumer takes it while it is still fresh and healthy. We achieve the health of the produce we transport by ensuring we set the right temperature in our reefer units and by maintaining this temperature throughout. The safety of food products is also very important to us. We take extra precaution when handling produce to ensure that it is as clean, crisp, and colorful as it was when it was harvested.

Refrigerated Cold Transportation

For fresh produce to reach its destination intact, the temperature has to be optimal. Whether it is dairy, fruits, veggies, or other foodstuffs, the way to ensure perishable food finds its way to the customer’s plate as fresh, crisp, and colorful as it was when produced or harvested is through the use of refrigerated trucks. Maintaining the correct temperature is important for the safety of the food since it prevents the food from going bad. Temperature consistency is particularly important in fresh produce transportation because ice crystals can damage produce.

At Produce Food Transportation Company, we have refrigerated trucks and vans that do cross border shipping across North America. Our large distribution network means you don’t have to hire different carriers to ferry your produce. We understand that different customers have different needs and we offer customized solutions to accommodate everyone. As an example, if you want to transport two different items that have different temperature requirements, we can get you a truck that has 2 or 3 distinct storage compartments. Similarly, if you do not have too much cargo that can fill a truckload (TL), we allow for less-than-load (LTL), thereby saving you money. Our top-of-the-line fleet has the latest in green technology, which allows us to maintain competitive pricing.

Frozen Freight

Shipment of frozen freight should only be done by a reliable partner. Improver handling, storing, and shipping can ruin the entire cargo. At Produce Food Transport Company, our refrigerated trucks and vans have very efficient and effective cooling systems that allow the cargo to be frozen throughout the journey, including cross country journeys and even journeys across the border.

Items that have to be transported frozen often come with stringent packaging and handling requirements. We are up to the task and are able to attain all the storage, ventilation, and cleanliness standards.

We are sensitive to the cost of shipping frozen cargo. Our presence across North America ensures you don’t have to hire different carriers. Our modern, state-of-the-art reefers are made for energy efficiency and we are able to pass this cost benefit to you.

Pharmaceutical Shipments

Pharmaceutical products have to be handled carefully and within the relevant policies and protocols. Improper handling means medication, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical products will not work as they should, which would risk the lives of those who use them.

We maintain the temperature of pharmaceutical products within the prescribed range. We take this very seriously because deviations in temperature cause sedimentation, disintegration, and other undesirable effects. Before we ship, we get from the manufacturer the acceptable range of temperature and humidity, the margin of error, the acceptable risk level, and specific no-go actions that can compromise the integrity of the pharmaceutical product. Call us to take the stress out of pharmaceutical product shipment.

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