Your Trusted Refrigerated & Frozen (LTL) Carrier

Your Trusted Refrigerated & Frozen (LTL) Carrier

Small-volume loads require the same large-volume care. Our LTL freight services are equipped with the specialised equipment and trailers needed to get frozen items where they need to be with minimal hassle.

At Cargo County, we help small business owners find the best price for high-quality LTL freight services for refrigerated and frozen goods. Some of the sensitive cargo we can handle include:

  • Meats
  • Confectionary and candy
  • Seafood
  • Dairy-based products
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Juice concentrates

If you need a trucking company Canada that you can trust to handle your refrigerated and frozen goods within a reliable timeframe and at an affordable price, Cargo County is the freight specialist for you.

Consumers demand “fresh” and are willing to pay more for goods that came directly from the farm. At Cargo County, we ensure that your perishables arrive at their destination cool, crisp, crunchy, and fresh. To do this, we provide specialised equipment and years of experience to produce and operate a fleet that can transport cool, refrigerated, and frozen across our nationwide network of distribution centres.

We also simplify handling your shipments by providing top-tier professionalism and support from placing your order to collection and delivery. If you need access to state-of-the-art facilities with 2023 standards and values, Cargo County’s operating procedures and best practices get the job done every time.

As one of the most reliable refrigerated transport services in the country, you can always guarantee on-time pickup and delivery. Our track record of success speaks for itself. We guarantee on-time pickups while complying with rigorous quality and safety standards that exceed the norm.

We always ensure that our customers receive five-star customer service as part of a streamlined supply chain. Whether you require a no-fuss delivery or special requirements requiring a tailored solution, our team is available 24/7 to fulfill your needs. Thousands of businesses put their trust in us, and now you can too.

Safety and security are part of our mantra. We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to put your goods (and customers) in the hands of a third-party logistics company. But rest assured, with Cargo County; we treat your good with the same care and respect as we would our own. Our team has invested in state-of-the-art refrigeration and freezer facilities to guarantee that your goods are safe in transit or at one of our distribution facilities.

Due to our extensive experience in refrigerated and frozen LTL freight shipping, we are positioned to confront the challenges a complex logistical supply chain might throw at us. Whatever the problem, our team goes the extra mile to handle it on your behalf.

Frozen LTL Services are Perfect for Small Businesses

Are frozen LTL services right for your small business?

Every industry can benefit from LTL shipping because of its logistical and financial benefits. No other shipping option offers the savings of LTL, making it one of the fastest-growing shipping options in North America.

When you choose LTL shipping from Cargo County, you take advantage of the following:

More Savings for Your Brand

With full truckload shipping, you pay for the entire shipment, whether the truck is full or not. With LTL shipping, you pay only for the space you require because your refrigerated and frozen goods are bundled with products from other customers.

Moreover, you take the hassle and the expense out of building a nationwide supply chain because we do it for you by providing the warehousing space and temperature-controlled infrastructure that keep your products safe.

This approach to shipping makes affordable shipping accessible to small businesses for the first time.

More Security

Shared shipments mean that you also outsource your logistics to a securer option. Our team packs your goods into pallets and crates to ensure they remain in place while in transit. You can also bank on our GPS tracking technology that guarantees we never lose track of your package.

Want to know where your package is and whether it’s safe? Contact us, and we can provide real-time updates on your LTL shipment. This ensures that you always have your finger on the logistical needs of your business.

More Eco-Friendly

Businesses are increasingly paying attention to how their activities impact the environment. If you are worried about the green impact of your shipping arrangements, switching to LTL is the ideal solution for small businesses.

LTL shipping is designed to carry more products in one trip, eliminating empty truck space. By transitioning to LTL shipping, small businesses can slash their carbon footprints by removing unnecessary emissions from the equation.

More Speed, Fewer Delays

Speed is of the essence in logistics. Unlike FTL trucks that run on an undefined schedule, LTL shipments roll across the country like clockwork. Our scheduled routes and pickup times mean that you already know when your truck will arrive at its starting point and destination.

With fewer stops on the road and the ease of tracking, you can better plan your business around your supply chain. On top of that, with bespoke LTL shipping options available, we can find the shipping package that matches your business’s needs.

The Best Rates on North American Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Shipping

Cargo County boasts a nationwide network that enables us to provide the highest standard of service while maintaining the best possible rates for small businesses.

We realise that quality and cost often go hand-in-hand, but our unique shipping model allows us to lower the latter while increasing the former. By contacting our team, you’re guaranteed to receive the most competitive prices available, with special rates for certain volume thresholds.

Our commitment to making technological advancements and incorporating innovations lets us build a more efficient and, therefore, more affordable supply chain. This is how we can offer cut-price LTL refrigerated and frozen shipping packages while continuing to offer convenient and reliable services.

Use our online platform to contact our team, and we’ll provide you with a tailored estimate and exclusive offers